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Welcome to the 2011 Flatpick & Bow Clinic
May 6th & 7th, 2011
In Asheville, N.C.

Times & pricing:

Class information:

Levels of instruction:

  1. Novice: Start from the ground up. No experience. Have never played before. (Please Note: Our objective is to start Novice players correctly on their instruments. Novice students will follow a curriculum however, progress and class-to-class subject matter is not defined on the schedule. This is because the teaching schedule can vary depending on how quickly the class progreses. Please call or email us if you have any questions.)
  2. Beginner: Limited experience. May know a few tunes. For students stuck on a plateau or who are interested in advancing.
  3. Intermediate/ Advanced: Experienced. Possibly in a band, can jam, understands the basics. Seeks more consistent sound and timing. May have trouble finding the melody.
  4. Advanced: Serious players. Can play up to speed without sacrificing technique, tone, or clarity. Ready for new ideas and to develop an individual style. Seeking a professional sound. Wants to explore new styles.
    Our instructors

(Please note: Unlike the balance of the clinic which proceeds on a specific class to class basis, Novice and Beginner classes proceed as one continual class. Therefore, there are no class descriptions per session.)

Flatpicking Guitar Class Overview:

  1. Novice Guitar: For students new to the guitar. Novice Classes will cover basic chords, picking, and strumming. Other topics will include holding the instrument, essential accessories, basic maintenance, elementary flatpicking technique, string tuning, and reading tab. A goal of Novice Guitar is for students to be able to play a new tune before leaving.

  2. Beginner Guitar: Students will be exposed to improving their listening skills, overcoming obstacles, practice routines, scale, alternating picking patterns, left-hand technique, hammer-ons, pull offs, slides, basic runs, a touch of chord theory, producing better tone, elementary backup techniques, and timing. (2) Song Study sessions will be taught in the Beginner class. Arrangements for both songs will be basic. Students are expected to know the primary chords, how to tune, picking and strumming, and a few songs.

  3. Intermediate and Advanced Guitar: Advanced topics and more challenging tunes will be covered in this class including developing speed, improving tone, improvisation, and efficient use of the fingerboard. (2) Song Study sessions are scheduled for I/A Guitar.

Mandolin Class Overview:

  1. Novice Mandolin: Classes will cover basic instrument care including tuning, holding the instrument, essential accessories, reading tab, picking & strumming, and primary chords. Playing rhythm and keeping time will be discussed. Students will use their newly-aquired skills to learn an elementary tune.

  2. Beginner Mandolin: At this level, students will be introduced to Monroe-style, old time, and the basics of playing bluegrass mandolin. Additional topics will include playing by ear, practice routines, crossing over to fiddle from mandolin, how-to produce better tone, and playing backup. Students are expected to know the primary chords, how to tune, basic strumming, and a few songs. (2) Song Study sessions will be taught in this class.

  3. Intermediate and Advanced Mandolin: Through I/A classes, students will be introduced to the finer points of Monroe-style mandolin, as well as other old time and Bluegrass styles. Topics including advanced phrasing, developing solos, and backup will be offered. A number of challenging bluegrass and old time mandolin tunes will be taught.

Fiddle Class Overview:

  1. Novice Fiddle: These classes are designed for new students and those struggling with the basics of learning fiddle. Topics will include bowing technique, playing notes, essential accessories, maintaining the instrument and bow, ear training, and string tuning.

  2. Beginner Fiddle classes will concentrate on basic fiddle technique including scales, double stops, and keeping time. Students will be exposed to a number of tunes including playing in different keys.

  3. Intermediate and Advanced Fiddle: A variety of tunes, techniques, and styles will be covered at this level including double stops, bluegrass, old time, western swing, and Texas-style playing. I/A students should be comfortable playing the fiddle and possess a repertoire of tunes from which to build on.

General information:

As we respond to all email clinic inquiries, if you email us and do not receive a response, please call. Thank you.

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