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Welcome to the North Carolina Banjo Clinic

This November 7th, 8th & 9th, 2019
In Asheville!

Thursday Afternoon &
All Day Friday and Saturday

Times & pricing:

Here's what's happening at this years clinic:

  1. We welcome the following new instructors to the 2018 NCBC teaching staff: Eric Ellis, Brandon Green, and Marc Horowitz. Stay tuned for more news on this!
  2. In lieu of the afternoon jam classes, all-level jams for BGB and OTB styles will be held both Thursday and Friday evenings.
  3. Friday lunch hour, we will run an hour video focusing on Earl Scruggs's right hand. At the beginning of the Friday dinner hour, while they pick, Mark Morris will videotape students right hands. Then the tape will be analyzed for each student.
  4. Saturday, Tim Gardner of Cedar Mountain Banjos will display his banjos. During the Saturday lunch hour, after the class photo, Tim will host an question and answer session of OTB banjos and proper setup.
  5. The North Carolina Banjo Clinic will again be held at CrossPoint Church in Asheville's historic Montford neighborhood. Crosspoint offers easy interstate access, free parking, lots of eating and lodging options, walking distance to dow town Asheville and to the Chamber of Commerce.
  6. Prior clinic students have until March 31st to register for that year's clinic at a special discount.
  7. We're proud to announce that Village Productions has been accepted into D'Addario's Education Collective. D'Addario has been a continuous supporter of our instructional clinics. Thank You D'Addario!
  8. In addition to the local support we receive from Trader Joe's, Melissa at Chiesa, that fine Italian restaurant we can see from the clinic, has offered to provide us with two gift certificates for auction. Thank You Melissa!
  9. Teachers will distribute their own handouts.
  10. A limited number of full and one-day tuition-only scholarships will be available. These scholarships are meant for those who would like to learn banjo but who do not have the financial means to afford tuition. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, send us an email letter explaining your interest in our clinic, why you would like to learn banjo and why you are applying for aid. e-mail address

Class information:

Levels of instruction:

  1. Introduction to Banjo: Start from the ground up. No experience. Not quite sure what style to pursue; clawhammer or bluegrass? Students will be exposed to both.
  2. Beginner: Limited experience. May know a few tunes, primary chords, and rolls.
  3. Intermediate: Experienced. Possibly in a band, can jam, understands the basics. Knows a number of banjo instrumentals. Seeks more consistent sound and timing. May have trouble finding the melody.
  4. Advanced: Serious players. Can play up to speed without sacrificing technique, tone, or clarity. Ready for new ideas and an individual style. Seeking a professional sound.
    Our instructors

Class Overview:

  1. Introduction to Banjo OTB & BGB: For students new to the instrument, this class will provide exposure to both clawhammer and bluegrass banjo music and playing. Students will be exposed to banjo basics including chords and right-hand techniques that define frailing (clawhammer) and picking (bluegrass). Once students decide which style they prefer, the instructor will separate the class and alternate between groups teaching that style. The instructor will cover picks, holding the instrument, essential accessories, basic maintenance, string tuning, reading tab, anchoring the right hand, picking rolls, primary G chords, hammer-ons, pull offs, slides, and timing. This is a tablature and written information class.

  2. Beginner BGB: Topics will include developing listening skills, overcoming obstacles, practice routines, developing better left and right-hand coordination, more intricate rolls, left-hand technique, runs, a touch of chord theory, how-to produce better tone, elementary backup techniques, timing, and a few kick-offs and endings. Basic arrangements in various songs will be taught in the Beginner class. Students are expected to know the primary G chords, how to tune, basic rolls, and a few songs. This is a tablature and written information class.

  3. Intermediate and Advanced Classes: More advanced topics will be covered in these classes. I/A students are encouraged to switch between Intermediate and Advanced Sessions if topics seem appealing. Often, the material taught can be understood and played by Intermediate players. If a class proves too technical, you are always free to switch to another class.

  4. When offered, Alternative Picking Styles: Though Melodic and Single String styles tend to be more advanced, the same principle as described above applies. If a class is appealing, try it. You might be surprised at how fast you catch on. Once you grasp the elements of these styles, a wider path opens to improvisation and being able to play note-for-note fiddle tunes.

  5. Beginner OTB: Beginning OTB class is structured to accept players already familiar with clawhammer banjo. The basics will be covered as well as technique and tunes. This is a tablature and written information class. Students must bring a capo, tuner and banjo in playable condition.

  6. Intermediate/Advanced OTB: Climbing a level above beginner OTB banjo, Intermediate OTB will focus on improving chord and drop-thumb (right hand) technique while exploring the rich tapestry of Western North Carolina OTB tunes. Several regional OTB tunes will be taught. Students are expected to know the primary G chords, how-to tune, basic right-hand technique, and a few songs. This is a tablature and written information class.

  7. We encourage all students to bring recorders or video machines. Some instructors do not use tab so getting their lessons on video will help later.

As we respond to all email clinic inquiries, if you email us and do not receive a response, please call. Thank you.

Student and Teacher Quotes & The North Carolina Banjo Clinic on You Tube:

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We are proud to be a member of the D'Addario Education Collective! Thank you to the following sponsors for generously supporting our work at Village Productions. Please remember them when purchasing music-related accessories, instruments, books, and recordings.

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