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2019 North Carolina Banjo Clinic Photos

Butch Robins & James McKinney teaching.
Butch James McKinney

Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer performing. Warren Yates, Mike Scott and Donnie Little.
Cathy Fink Marcy Marxer Warren, Mike, Donnie

Amy Buckingham & Bennett Sullivan teaching.
Amy Buckingham Bennett

John Lawless teaching. Whitewater Bluegrass Band Performing.
John Lawless Whitewater Bluegrass Band

2018 North Carolina Banjo Clinic Photos

Akira Satake Performing. Warren Yates and Tim Gardner; two banjo makers talking shop.
Akira warren and tim

Marc Horowitz holding clawhammer court. Eric Ellis fielding a question.
marchorowitzteaching ericellisteaching

Tim Gardner discussing the fine points of open back banjo setup. As Usual, Banjo Billy Hot on a Breakdown.
“tim billy

Mike Scott explaining Magic at the 7th Fret. Marc translating Note-by-Note. Brandon tuning and teaching.
“mike marc brandon

"and they pay me to do this! Can you believe it?"

"Yeah, I can, Donnie. The North Carolina Banjo Clinic's a gas!" seth

After discussing right hand intricacies, Mark Morris laying down a lick. Jack and Akira.
markmorris jackandakira

Seth Rhinehart, Bob Buckingham, Warren Yates, Mike Scott, Hilary Dirlam, Donnie Little instructors

2017 North Carolina Banjo Clinic Photos

Our 2017 NCBC Class:
class photo

Rob Bourassa taking a break from instructing serious theory. Donnie Little: Flatpicker Deluxe.
robbourassa donnielittle

Banjo Setup Table with Tom. Seth Rhinehart Teaching
tommckinney sethrhinehartteaching

Lunchtime Jamming.

2016 North Carolina Banjo Clinic Photos

Our 2016 NCBC Class:
instructors at church

Mike Scott teaching advanced banjo. Jim teaching under our sponsor’s D’Addario banner.
mike scottjim dadario

Hilary teaching clawhammer basics. Wayne leading jam class.

Jack Hatfield teaching techniques in melodic banjo. Bob Buckingham instructing advanced clawhammer banjo.

Mike & Donnie cutting it up. After hours lesson with Jim.

Another class photo, different angle. Tom McKinney breathing new life into another banjo.

2015 North Carolina Banjo Clinic Photos

Our 2015 NCBC Class:
instructors on the square

Jens Kruger teaching advanced banjo. Jim Rollins leading an intermediate banjo class.
jens krugerjim rollins

Warren Yates discussing banjo setup. Bobby Anderson teaching beginning bluegrass banjo.
warren yatesbobby anderson

Gary Spence explaining novice banjo. Donnie Little instructing the finer points of intermediate banjo.
gary spencedonnie little

Wayne Erbsen taking a break from clawhammer and jamming on guitar. Mingling between classes.
wayne erbsengroup

2010 North Carolina Banjo Clinic Photos

Our 2010 Instructors: Don Wayne Reno, Ned Luberecki, Terry Baucom, Rhonda Gouge, Jim Rollins, Mike Scott, and Wayne Erbsen. (Josh Goforth & Tom McKinney are missing.)
instructors on the square

Instructors enjoying a sunny warm day on the famous Burnsville Square. Rhonda Gouge teaching the mechanics of Novice Banjo.
bill emerson & mike scottadams mckinney baucom jamming

Warren Yates, of Yates Banjos, addressing a banjo setup question. Don Wayne Reno and Ned Luberecki jointly teaching a solo improvisation class.
warren yatesreno nedski

Old Time Jam with Wayne Erbsen.
2010 erbsen jamming

2009 North Carolina Banjo Clinic Photos

Our 2009 NCBC class.
2009 class

Bill Emerson with Mike Scott. Cindy Baucom, Tom McKinney, and Tom Adams jamming.
bill emerson & mike scottadams mckinney baucom jamming

The 5 according to Tom McKinney. Terry Baucom fielding a question.
tom mckinneyterry-baucom09

Tom Adams teaching the finer points of Beginner Banjo. Josh Goforth laying it down solid in black and white.
tom adams09josh goforth

Jim Rollins having his way with the Gold Rush. Tom McKinney trying to squeeze more tone out of a 5.
jim rollins jammington mckinney setup

Our 2009 BGB instructors, Jim Rollins, Tom McKinney, Mike Scott, Terry Baucom, Bill Emerson, and Tom Adams. (Josh Goforth is missing.) 2009 ncbc instructors

2008 North Carolina Banjo Clinic Photos

Our 2008 inaugural class.
2008 class

Graham Sharp of the Steep Canyon Rangers and Mike Scott instructing.

Tom Adams holding session and Terry Baucom teaching one-on-one.

Our instructors, Tom Adams, Graham Sharp, Terry Baucom, and Mike Scott - all rockin' away. 2008 instructors

Come join us and reserve your spot in the 2011 NCBC class photo!

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