The Appalachian Banjo Clinic

2023 Registration Form

Why can't every month be November?

Register 1 of 4 ways:

1) Print and fill out this form. Mail it to us with your bank/ cashiers check or credit card information.
2) Print and fill out this form. Scan it and email it to us as a PDF.
3) Paying: Calling in your credit card information or by paying with Zelle, or by mailing your check.
4) Register at the door using cash or check.

Mail checks, money orders, and completed forms to:

Village Productions
P.O. Box 1810
Mt Carmel, TN 37645

Make all checks and money orders payable to: Village Productions

Email Us

Registration Rates

Standard Friday Clinic Rate: $240
Standard Saturday Clinic Rate: $240
Standard Full Clinic (Friday and Saturday Rate): $450
Observer per day (without an instrument): $75

Junior Appalachian Musician (JAM) Students: Contact us.
Scholarship Student: Contact us.
NTSU Student: Contact us.

Banjo Rental - TBD

Note: If Banjo rental is available, renting would require submitting a photo ID with a paid banjo deposit
Daily Banjo Rental: Charge TBD.
Full Clinic Banjo Rental: Charge TBD.

Banjo Setup - TBD

Banjo Setup may be available. At this time, it is uncertain. If so, one fee per banjo will cover having your head, neck, intonation, and bridge adjusted by a master technician. Since you will be without your banjo while it is being worked on, consider bringing a second instrument. Pre-paid setup will be scheduled on a first come basis prior to the clinic.

  • Note #1: Without prior payment, we cannot hold your place for banjo setup.

  • Note #2: Please change strings and your banjo head before submitting your instrument for setup.

  • Contact us if you have any questions.

  • Saturday banjo setup @ TBD Includes all labor. Check your preferred time per each banjo: YES NO
    Friday 9:30 10:15 11:00 11:45 1:30 2:15 3:00 3:45 4:00 4:45

    Saturday 9:30 10:15 11:00 11:45 1:30 2:15 3:00 3:45 4:00 4:45

    Clinic Stuff - If Available

    Clinic Shirts @ $15 each:
    (Quality Hanes Shirts!) NCBC Shirts @ $15 each.
    Burgundy M L
    Navy M L

    Metro Banjo Shirts @ $15 each.
    Burnt Orange M
    Green S M L

    (If ordering multiple shirt colors and sizes; note in comment section.)

    Clinic Hats, Pick Boxes, Bumper Stickers:
    NCBC Hat @ $15 each. One size fits all.
    NCBC Pick Box @ $2 each.
    NCBC Bumper Sticker @ $2 each.
    Flat Rate Shipping Fee @ $12.

    As Village Productions is a 501 (c) non-profit, Giving is Tax Deductible
    Donate to our Scholarship, Student and other Community Support Programs!

    Your Tax-Deductible General Donation @ any amount. (Note in Comment Section below.)

    Payment Method: Mail in Check Credit Card Below Zelle I will Call it in Pay at the Door

    Payment and Other Things...

    Credit Card Information:
    (Credit Card refunds will be paid on net dollars after charging card) Name on credit card:
    Credit Card Number:
    Expiration Date:
    CVV Security Code:

    Minors (under 18) check your age: 17 16 15 14 Less than 14
    What classes will you be attending? Unsure Old Time Banjo Bluegrass Banjo Both

    What is your playing level?
    (See levels described on home page) Introduction to Banjo Beginner Intermediate Advanced

    Where did you hear about our clinic?
    Banjo Newsletter Local Poster Banjo Hangout
    Bluegrass Blog Local Music Store From a Friend
    Bluegrass Association Radio Music Teacher
    Internet Browsing
    Former Student
    Comments. How can we improve? Thanks.

    Your Information:
    First name:
    Last name:
    Cell Phone:

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