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Visit New York City

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Non-Guests: Tour Midtown Manhattan from Metro Banjo:

Guests & non-students: Use Metro Banjo as a convenient, cheap, and safe base for sightseeing, shopping, eating, and having fun in New York City! Midtown Manhattan (Grand Central Station) is only minutes away from via the subway.

Click on any of these links to learn more about visiting New York City:

Learn about the station, it's location relative to midtown, and how to plan a rewarding day trip using Grand Central.
Grand Central Station website

A great site for planning your visit to New York City. Loaded with leads on everything from tours, shopping, and entertainment to cultural centers, dining, and the arts.
Go NYC website

The Lower East Side is loaded with shopping opportunities...and great deals. Close-outs, specials, overstock, imports, and many more buying opportunities await those on the Lower East Side (LES).
Lower East Side website

110 NYC activities including tour packages, descriptions, and individual pricing.
110 NYC Tour Sites website

Links to NYC's top ten attractions and more.
NYC @ 10 Best website

Broadway shows. Visit this site for deals, information, and tickets.
NYC Theatre Packages website

Package deals and suggestions for sightseeing in NYC. Special Empire State Building & Statue of Liberty pricing.
City Sights NY website

In the mood for walking, some nature, or park history? Visit this site to learn what's happening at Central Park.
Central Park website

Another site dedicated to planning your trip to NYC. Great deals, special events, restaurant ratings, what's happening around town - its all here.
City Search website

An icon of midtown Manhattan, visit this site to learn about tours, restaurants, and events at Rockefeller Center.
Rockefeller Center website

Subway and Metro North train schedules, fares, and maps.
Subway and Metro North website

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