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2010 Metro Banjo Photos

Our 2010 Metro Banjo class.
mb 2010 class

Tony Trischka teaching Bluegrass Banjo by tabulature and Marc Horowitz instructing Old Time Banjo.
tony trischkamarc horowitz

Bill Keith explaining the finer points of laying it down and one-on-one schooling, compliments of Ben Freed.
tom mckinneyterry-baucom09

Alan Kaufman at the goods and services table and Eric Weissberg making sure everybody is on the same string.
tom adams09josh goforth

An Old Tine jam shaping up on the college grounds and Marc Horowitz setting up a 5.
jim rollins jammington mckinney setup

While explaining the history of Bluegrass and Old Time Banjo, Bill, Tony, Eric, and Mark would occasionally jam. Here is one of those delightful moments. 2010 mb instructor jam

Our 2010 Metro Banjo instructors:
Marc Horowitz, Eric Weissberg, Bill Keith, Tony Trischka, Alan Kaufman, Hank Sapoznik, and Ben Freed. 2010 mb instructors

Metro Banjo will happen again in July of 2011. Come Join us!

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